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Tuesday 9th February

Good Morning Ruby Class!

Welcome to another day of home learning. Today is 'Safer Internet Day'! At 11am, the BBC are doing a Live Lesson all about how we can stay safe, responsible and wise in an increasingly digital world, with tips and advice from lots of people you will know! Just follow this link...


Safer Internet Day - Live Lesson - BBC Teach


We have a really exciting day ahead of us!

Find out more in your Tuesday morning message...

Tuesday Morning Message

Let's begin by heading back to our brand new class story...

Chapter Two


Learning Objective: I can plan a story. 


We are imagining that we are Arctic explorers on our very own adventure!

By now, you should have the title of your story, a picture of yourself as an explorer, your reason for going to the Arctic or Antarctica and a list of things to take with you. When you are ready, watch this video to find out what you need to do next. Just like yesterday, you can choose to complete each activity with me on the video or complete them after.

English Tuesday

Once again, follow the same process that I have used in the video to complete the next part of your Arctic explorer story.

  • Activity One

Write a sentence explaining how you got to the Arctic or Antarctica and add an illustration. Tom went on a boat. I flew on a plane! How will you get there? 

  • Activity Two

Write a sentence describing what the Arctic or Antarctica looks like when you get there then add an illustration. We have come up with lots of adjectives to describe Antarctica over the last few weeks. Pick your favourite ones and write them in a sentence! Use my example, in the video, to help you. 


Learning Objective: I can count to 50 making 10s. 


This week, we are beginning to focus on numbers up to 50. Let's begin with this video from White Rose Maths...

09.02.21 - Counting to 50 by making 10s


Practice counting in tens by completing the worksheets below. There are three to choose from...
1. Cut and glue the missing numbers in order.

2. Write the missing numbers.

3. Complete the maze by counting in tens (this is more difficult).

We will be looking at counting in tens, and the ten times table, in more detail over the next term so don't worry too much! Today is all about practice and having fun!


Learning Objective: I am learning about Phase 5 alternative spellings and pronunciations ('c' as 's'). 


We are continuing our learning on Phase 5 alternative spellings and pronunciations. Today, we will be focusing on 'c' as 's' which is also known as 'soft c'. Find out more here...

Geraldine the Giraffe learns 'soft c'


Following the same process as yesterday, practice reading out loud words with a 'soft c' and a 'hard c' on the worksheet below and then sort them into the two categories. Remember, you can do this by cutting and gluing each word on the worksheet or by writing your own list. 

Extension Activity

Complete the crossword puzzle by finishing each sentence with a 'soft c' word! 



Learning Objective: I am learning about significant people in history.


We have been reading 'The Great Explorer' by Chris Judge as part of our English work this week. Of course, this is a story. But did you know that there were some real explorers that went to Antarctica many years ago? This afternoon, we are going to be finding out about these famous 'Antarctic Explorers'! Let's begin...

Antarctic Explorers

Activity: Research Project

I would like you to select an Arctic explorer, or an expedition, and find out more about it. This could be an explorer, or expedition, from today's lesson or perhaps you would like to find out about another one! Then, I would like you to present your findings. You can be creative in doing this, just like with your Arctic animal research, but here are a few ideas...

  • Write a fact file (including information and photographs).
  • Create a poster.
  • Record yourself talking about your chosen Arctic explorer and/or expedition.
  • Make a PowerPoint Presentation (you could even record your voice on it!)
  • Write your research up on a Word Document. 

Please send your completed research project to me before Thursday so that we can share them with the rest of the class.


Here are some useful websites to get you started...

Polar Exploration | Famous Polar Explorers | DK Find Out

Famous Arctic Explorers. (

polar exploration - Kids | Britannica Kids | Homework Help

Top 10 Most Famous and Intriguing Polar Explorers (