St John's CE (VC) Primary School

Life in all its fullness

Tuesday 5th October

English - I can write facts.

This morning we are having a writing morning. We are going to look at writing facts. Facts are things that are true, real pieces of information that explain or teach us something new. We cannot use words like 'the best' or 'fun' because we don't want to include our opinion. Today we are learning about Igloos and how they are built. Carry out some research (with an adult) on what an Igloo is, why they are made in that way and how to build one. It might help if you draw a picture of an Igloo to help you to understand and add some labels. Once you think you can remember enough information, have a go at writing three facts about Igloos. Remember each sentence needs to have a capital letter, full stop, finger spaces and use your knowledge of phonics to help you to sound out and spell and words you are unsure of.


Phonics - Phase 3 recap 'air'

Today we are practicing the 'air' sound. Can you say the sound? Can you think of any words with that sound in? Have a go at the different activities below. 

PE - I can understand the importance of daily exercise.

Today we are thinking about the benefits of being active and how it can help us. Draw a picture to show how you feel now. Once you have finished, try to include some mood words such as 'happy' 'sad' 'bored'. Now pick something fun and active to try. It could be playing a game outside with someone at home, skipping, running, hula hooping or anything else that is active and you enjoy. Try to be active for at least 20 minutes, ideally longer if possible. You might decide to swap and change your games or make up a new one. Being active should be fun! Once you time is up, draw yourself again. How do you feel now? Do you feel better or worse? Add new mood words. Hopefully (despite feeling a bit tired) you should feel in a much better mood. Think about your day and decide how active you are in a day... could you be more active? What could you add or change about your day to make yourself more active? 


DT - I can build a house.

Use the rest of the afternoon to work on your house. You might want to think about how to paint it, repaint sections that have now dried or add things you didn't get chance to yesterday.