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Tuesday 5th May

Good morning everyone!  I managed to watch the final Star Wars film last night and it was brilliant.  The Star Wars films first came out when I was your age - yes I am that old!  Isn't it amazing that people are still watching and enjoying them today.  While we are talking about history I would like us to start thinking about VE Day on Friday, perhaps you could make some red, white and blue decorations or start planning a tea party to have in your garden or living room on Friday.  I have added some templates today to help you.


Have a lovely day x



There is a short video below to recap 'h' sound that we started yesterday then have a try at playing 'Silly Soup'.


Silly Soup


1. Get a bowl and put in lots of different objects beginning with different sounds to demonstrate how to 'make' the soup.

2. Take all the items out and then lay out some items the begin with 'h' around the bowl but also some that don't. 

3. Start to make your soup by only adding items that begin with'h'.

4. You can repeat this game with lots of different sounds.


For a harder challenge you can try the real and alien word frog phonics game - please note this has been added for children whose parents have told me that they need a little extra challenge and are confidently blending sounds to make words.



Here is a board game to play today which carries on our theme of prepositions from yesterday.