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Tuesday 5th May

Good afternoon, 


I hope you have enjoyed your day. The staff in school have been busy creating a rainbow. I have put the photo below and I am sure you'll all join me in feeling proud of our school and all the key workers who are doing their best for our country. Hopefully we can all be together really soon. 


It's tranquil Tuesday so I have also attached a photo of some calm breathing activities. Doing one of our VE day crafts could be really great for your well-being too. 

Picture 1
Picture 2

Good morning, 

I hope you had a good day yesterday and managed to look at some of the VE day learning. It certainly is a good time to be proud of our country's heroes - past and present. 

I spoke to my sister yesterday. She found a poorly hedgehog which had been caught in a mouse trap someone had left outside. The trap had caught its back leg and he was having to drag it along. Poor hedgehog! Naughty human!

It is now fine and eating well - the trap has been removed. However, the cheeky thing kept rolling into a ball when picked up so Natalie couldn't be sure its leg wasn't damaged. She has sent it to a special wildlife hospital which will check him over before returning him to his habitat. 

Maths answers

Maths answers 1
Maths answers 2

Maths – today you have a triangular pattern problem to solve. Have fun and I will upload the answers later.

Today you may listen to chapter 3. You then have some time to edit your dialogue.

c3 tu.wma