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I can recommend books that I have read. 

Book review Kensuke


2 Persuasive letter


I can convert metric measures in a recipe. 

Use the recipe to convert the measures. If you want to, you could have a go at making the recipe once you have converted it, check your answers first though! 

Afternoon learning - Malala's magic pencil

Today, we are going to find out a little bit more about Malala and who she was. Watch the newsround clip below.

Malala's most famous speech was the speech that she made to the United Nations in 2013 about the importance of education and the right that everyone should have to go to school. We saw some of the speech in the newsround clip. You can see the full speech below. When you watch, you will notice how passionate she is about doing everything that she can to ensure that every child has the right to an education. When she made this speech, she was not much older than you are now. 

Your task today is to write your own speech about why education is so important and that everyone's right to an eduction should be respected. You can either film or write your speech. When you write your speech, think about:

  • What are your rights?
  • Why is eduction important?
  • What needs to change to enable every child to have an eduction?

Optional extra mini-taks

Create a campaign poster like the ones in the image below to campaign for equal rights in eduction.