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Tuesday 14th July

Virtual Sports Week Day 2...




Lesson Objective: I can solve a maths mystery.

I have attached a maths mystery to solve. Can you work through the clues to find out who took the trophy? Answers are at the end of the document. Good luck!



Lesson Objective: I can reflect on my year in Class 2.


Today I would like you to write about your year in Class 2. Please send me your writing, it would be nice to hear what you are proud of and which topics are the most enjoyable.


You could use the template below or write sentences to answer these questions in your book. You can write other ideas you think of too!


1. Who have you enjoyed playing with this year?


2. What have you enjoyed the most about this year?


3. Which topic has been your favourite? (Enchanted Woodland, Santa's Workshop, Explorers, Blooming Marvellous, George's Marvellous Medicine or Africa/Live Aid)


4. What are you most proud of this year? What have you got better at?


5. What would you like to work more on next year?