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Can you find your name in our tricky Diamond Class Wordsearch?! (Answers below)





Lesson Objective: I can tell the time to o'clock and half past.

O'Clock and Half Past 23/02/21

I have added some extra practice sheets below to use as and when, if your child requires extra work on time.



Lesson Objective: I can use -ful and -less suffixes.

-ful -less 23/02/21



Have a go at this Magic Verbs game. Read the sentences and change the verbs (action words) in the story to better ones! Could you using some exciting verbs in some of your own sentences?

Fair Trade Fortnight

Lesson Objective: I can create a design for a Fair Trade chocolate bar.


Design a Fair Trade chocolate bar. You might want to decide what is inside your chocolate bar too!

  • Think about how you are going to make sure people know it's Fair Trade.
  • Give your chocolate bar a name
  • Include the Fair Trade logo to tell people farmers have received a fair price for their cocoa.
  • Design and poster or write some sentences to describe your chocolate bar and advertise it to people. Make it sound delicious!

Fair Trade Chocolate


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