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Tuesday 14th July

Good Morning Everyone

We hope you really enjoyed the activities yesterday. Who threw the sock the furthest?! Did it get messy with the eggs?! Please take a look at the photos page as there are pictures of Emily, Lauren, Esme and Jack who all completed the 5K Race for Life this weekend They did really well and raised some money for charity. I thought they might need a rest this week but I doubt they will be able to resist these sporting challenges!

 Today the activities require you to try different sporting based tasks so you might need to improvise slightly and make the most of what you have. For example, no goal posts?.... No problem, two cones or two wellies will do!


In maths you can continue looking at mass, but this time you will be making comparisons. There is also a quiz type activity where you need to try to complete a list, finding a word for every letter of the alphabet. You might like to enjoy this activity with other members of your family as it may help to pool your knowledge of sport. 


Have a great day.



Today you are going to compare different masses. Start by reading through the powerpoint and then complete the activity below. Try to complete the first two sheets but there is an additional optional one to challenge you further. You could have some fun in the kitchen again today by finding two different items and deciding which is heavier. You could then guess the weights of the items and then use the scales to see how close you were.


Comparing Mass Powerpoint

Activity Comparing Mass


Continuing with our theme of sport, try to think of a sport or a sport's personality for every letter of the alphabet. You could use the computer to help you to research and you could also involve other family members.

Good Luck!