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Good morning class 5, 

I've got a couple of things to tell you about this morning. 

Firstly, don't forget to join the live session just before 1:45. You will need a pen and some paper. Today's live session is for: Ezz, Mathilda, Jenson, Jess, Lana, Lucas, Marco and Henry. 

Secondly, Mrs McAvan has uploaded her assembly for you to watch. To find it, you will need to click on the children tab and then assembly. I have linked it below if you are struggling. 

Finally, we have a celebrity in our class! Griff got a shout out for his writing in Mrs C's lesson yesterday! Well done Griff. If you want to send your work into Mrs C for her to read, please check with your parents first. 


log in live to Mrs C at 9.45. Don't forget to submit your writing on google classroom.


I can identify and sort regular and irregular polygons. 

1) Watch the video below

2) Choose from the bronze, silver and gold option below. 

3) Watch the video to go through the answers. 

Tuesday reading: I can retrieve information from a text and use this to make inferences.

We follow a slightly different format today. 

You have an extract taken from the start of Chapter 5 to read.

Next you have some comprehension questions to answer based on this. 

Finally, watch the video to mark your answers.

Extract and questions chapter 5

answer video

Still image for this video