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Tuesday 2nd June

Roar, Roar went the dinosaur!  Can you roar really loudly like a dinosaur?  Some of the dinosaurs were huge and you can imagine how big their footprints were.  We have heard a lot about being 2 metres apart, a diplodocus footprint would be 2 metres long!  We are going to make one 2 metres long but today I would like you to make some salt dough and mould it into the shape of a dinosaur footprint - there are some examples below.


The recipe for salt dough is:


1 cup flour

1/2 cup salt

1/2 cup water


Mix the flour and salt in a bowl and then add water a small amount at a time and mix till the ingredients combine until it is smooth and easy to handle.


Once you have made your salt dough start shaping it into a dinosaur footprint.  You can either leave the dough to air dry or you can bake it for about 2 hours at 120c in the oven.



Dinosaur footprints



'Cool' activity - Have a try at the guess the animal listening game below.  Log in is March 20 password home.


'Hot' activity - See if you can label a dinosaur there are some worksheets below or you could draw your own dinosaur and try writing the labels.





'Cool' Activity - Harry had a bucketful of dinosaurs - I wonder how many in total?  Grown ups - can you label some containers with the numbers one to ten and then see if the children can put the right amount of something (toys, pasta etc.) into the cup.  


'Hot' Activity - I hope you got on ok yesterday with 'one more, one less'. Today we are looking at adding numbers together up to 10.  Use the powerpoint below to practice your addition.