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Tuesday 2nd February

Good Morning Ruby Class!

We have another exciting day of learning ahead of us! Let's find out what we are doing in our Tuesday morning message...

Tuesday Morning...

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Let's begin by heading back to our class story 'The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me' by Roald Dahl...

Part Sixteen

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Come back tomorrow for the next part!


Learning Objective: I am beginning to write a character description.


I hope that you all had lots of fun yesterday retelling the story of 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers! 



Today, we are going to begin creating a character description of the penguin. Watch this video to find out more...

English Tuesday


Draw a picture of the penguin from 'Lost and Found' and label it, including the penguin's features and adjectives to describe these features. Follow the same process that I have used in the video. Here is my example...



At this point, you do not need to add lots of detail to describe the penguin. Remember, we will be working on our character descriptions over the course of this week. Just try and include some really great key words! To help you, I have also included instructions on how to draw a penguin! Keep your work safe, as you will need it for Thursday's lesson! 


Learning Objective: I can subtract by counting back. 


Today, we will continue looking at how to subtract by counting back. Watch this video from White Rose Maths to find out more...



Complete the worksheet by counting back to subtract. 

Parents: Remember, these worksheets have lots of helpful tips and questions to support and extend your child's learning. 


Learning Objective: I am learning about alternative spellings and pronunciations ('aw' as 'or'). 


We are continuing our learning of Phase 5 alternative spellings and pronunciations. Today, we will be focusing on 'aw' which is part of the 'or' sound family. Take a look...



To find out more, let's head over to Geraldine the Giraffe...

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /aw/ as /or/

Activity One 

Find and write the 'aw' as 'or' words on the worksheet then colour them in. 

Activity Two

Choose three words from the worksheet and write them in a sentence. Be careful to use the correct spelling. Then read your sentences out loud. 



Learning Objective: I am learning about penguins. 


Today, we have another exciting topic afternoon! We are going to be learning all about penguins! We already know a little bit about penguins, from our story 'The Emperor's Egg' and from some of our own research. Watch this video to find out more...

All About Penguins


Use your knowledge to write a list of facts about penguins. You should include at least 5 facts! These do not need to be in full sentences. Make sure that you keep your facts safe as you will need them on Thursday!


Here is an example to start you off...



Extension Activity

If you would like to find out more about penguins, here are some videos and useful websites!

Emperor penguins | The Greatest Wildlife Show on Earth | BBC Earth

How does a penguin launch itself from the sea? - The Wonder of Animals | BBC