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Tuesday 2nd Feb

Today's lessons: these can be completed in any order

Children's Mental Health - be calm





Plus choose 1 of: music, computing, German or art if you have time. 

It’s Children’s Mental Health week this week and each day there will be an activity suggestion based on the EXPRESS YOURSELF theme. Take photos and then send a pic collage or album of what you’ve done each day of the week on Friday.

Tuesday: Today’s special activity is: Do something calming that you love Choose one (or more) of these suggestions. Baking, drawing, colouring, walking, reading.

Today we will be reading Chapter 7 – All that silence said.  (I left my funny face on the screen to me you laugh - hehe)

You then have a Google Docs to complete based on the art that Michael and Kensuke create. 

Who knows, it might even inspire you to do some art with natural resources in your garden, or even some watercolour paintings of cherry blossom.  

Chapter 7

Our last letter writing session. Hopefully the felt tips will forgive us!!!!!

Maths: Today we start a new topic for the week. Volume.

It's really important you use today to ensure you know the definition of volume and can explain this.

What is volume?