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coolMorning everyone!laugh

Mrs McAvan has recorded an assembly about hope for you to watch.

Epic reading is an online reading library for children which has lots of different types of books and comics for your child to enjoy as an alternative to Rising Stars.

Access is free between the hours of 9am and 4pm. Just head to the website, click 'Class Code' and enter the code sent to you by text. Then find your child's name and they can start reading!


yesWell done Class 2! I received an email telling me that you have read 100 books on Epic reading!yes



Lesson Objective: I can recognise equal groups (problem solving)

Equal Groups 26/1/21



Multiplication and division are inverse operations so are very closely linked. It is good to learn both skills side by side to make this link. Try out the multiplication and division Karate Cats game!


Lesson Objective: I can write the first part of The First Hippo on the Moon.

Today I'd like you to use your plan from yesterday to write the first part of the story to the part where the rocket is ready to blast off! 

Take your time with your sentences and concentrate on including all the ideas from the toolkit in the video. I'm really looking forward to reading your work! laugh

First Hippo Part 1

SPAG Task:



Lesson Objective: I can understand that choices we make affect our health and well being.

Start off by looking at the different sections of the Eat Well Plate in this PointPoint.


  • Use the ideas on the task sheet to help you create an 'Eat Well Plate'
  • You might want to draw it on a paper plate, if you have one.
  • You could draw around a plate and create your plate on paper.