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Tuesday 27th April

Hello everyone!


Hope you are all well.


Challenge of the day!



Learn the names of the planets in our solar system.




We are now learning Phase 5 phonics!

We will still be  consolidating Phase 4 of our Phonics learning.

Your child should recognise all the Phase 2, 3 and 4 tricky words and please still practise recognising digraphs/trigraphs within words. They should also be able to say letter names out of order.

If you feel that your child still needs more practise with Phase2/3 please re-visit the previous weeks learning and try some other games on the suggested websites on our front class page.

Act Out The Alphabet | Jack Hartmann

Act Out the Alphabet is a fun kinesthetic letter sounds song. It's one of my favorites because it engages children in creative active movement.

Jolly Phonics 42 Sounds

I hope that you have remembered all these sounds and actions!


Tricky words  - 

Write these tricky words on a post-it note and stick them around your house.

How many can you read?  


he,  she,  we,  me,  be,  you,  are,  her,  was,  all,  they,  my

Kit and Sam have got some games for 'ay' says 'ai'.

You say this sentence and your child writes it down. Look out for tricky words and sound out each word.


The  pot  is  made  from  clay.  


Challenge 1 - if your child can write this sentence easily add in some describing words e.g. The red pot...

Challenge 2 - Can they write another sentence about the pot?


I can name common 3D shapes.

3D Shapes Song | Shapes for kids | The Singing Walrus

The one 3D shape that is missing is the cuboid!

Challenge - Go on a 3D shape hunt.

Can you find some of these 3D shapes around your home?


I can retell a story and talk about my favourite part of the story.

Can you retell and sequence the story?

What happened on each day?

Which part of the story did you like best?

Draw a picture and write a sentence about it.


I can learn the words to sing topic song.


I can sort animals for different criteria.

Identify these animals.

Would you find them on a farm, in a zoo or as a pet?

Play the game below to sort the animals.