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It was lovely to see a few of you on the live session yesterday. If you missed it, don't worry, we will have another live session for you next Monday. 

 If yours is scheduled for today, please log into your google classroom just before 1:45 and click on the dots in the top right corner. Open the calendar tab and then click on the live meeting. Please try to be on time so that other children are not waiting. The meeting is scheduled to start at 1:45.

You will notice that there is a star on our home learning page called 'this weeks sentence stack'. On this page, I will be adding sentences from your amazing writing to create our own class story. I wonder whose sentences I chose yesterday???

Have a lovely day,

Miss Anderson

Reading: I can find the meaning of words in context

Before listening to Chapter 2 today, you'll need a dictionary/ online dictionary on hand to find the meaning of some words I give you. Once you've listened to chapter 2 there will be a short reading quiz to complete on Google classroom. 

Chapter 2 - 12 minutes.mp4

Still image for this video

Writing: I can write a narrative.

Your writing lessons will come from the amazing Mrs C - I know lots of you have met her before in class. 


1) At or just before 9.45am, please go to Youtube to find the Live Lesson for the day.

2) Participate in the lesson 9.45 - 10.45 with your very best ideas and vocabulary.

3) Send your amazing sentences on Google classroom - writing classwork will appear each day - so I can mark it.


What if I miss the lesson?

Don't worry - it will remain on the channel so you can catch-up later in the day.

Please do try and complete before 3pm though so I can mark your writing.

What do I send?

Throughout the lesson you'll be doing lots of thinking, collecting vocabulary and drafting - you can do this any way you like and don't need to send this in.

You do need to type up what you've written on the blank document that will appear in you Google Classroom classwork tab. This will be between 3 sentences and a short paragraph.


I can find the perimeter of compound shapes. 

1) Watch the maths video below.

2) Choose - Bronze, Silver or Gold as your challenge and work through as many questions as you can, remembering to leave enough time to mark your answers (you might want to mark each set before you move to the next). If Bronze looks too easy you can start straight on silver but then if you find it tricky you can always go to bronze to build your confidence first. 

3) Watch the Youtube link tutorials to mark your maths learning. 


Aut5.11.4 - Perimeter of rectilinear shapes.mp4

Still image for this video