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Tuesday 23rd February

Good Morning Ruby Class!

Today we are continuing our exciting new topic 'Great British Gardens'! We will also begin looking at a whole-school focus text in English. Find out more in our morning message...


Here is Chapter Seven of our class story 'The Enchanted Wood' by Enid Blyton. Enjoy...

Chapter Seven

What has happened to Joe? Come back tomorrow to find out!


Learning Objective: I am learning about one more and one less within 50. 


I hope that you all had lots of fun playing the 'one more, one less game' yesterday! Today, we are continuing to focus on this, so let's watch this video from White Rose Maths to find out more... 

23.02.21 - One more one less

Here is the school's 'Calculation Policy' to support this week's learning in Maths. 


Solve the problems, on these worksheets, by finding one more and one less.

Parents: These worksheets have lots of useful questions and tips that you can use at home to support and extend your child's learning. As always, if you need any specific support, please let me know!


Learning Objective: I can make predictions about a text.


In English, we will be looking at a whole-school focus text over the next few weeks. It is called 'Malala's Magic Pencil'.



Think about the title of the book.

  • What do you think the story will be about?
  • Who do you think the main character might be?
  • What might happen in the book?

Discuss your ideas with an adult or sibling and then write your predictions down. This could be as a list or in full sentences. You could add drawings if you wish to. Why not use the activity sheet below?

Keep your ideas safe! We will be listening to the story of 'Malala's Magic Pencil' later on this week and will be able to find out if our predictions were correct! 


Learning Objective: I am learning about sound families. 


We are continuing to look at sound families, which include the alternative pronunciations and spellings that we have been learning about last half term. Remember, a sound family refers to groups of graphemes and spelling patterns that make the same sound. Some graphemes can also belong to different sound families, depending on the word they are being used in. Today, we will be looking at the 'ch' sound family...



As you can see, there are only two sounds that make up the 'ch' sound family- 'ch' and 'tch'. Let's take a look at some words with each of these in...


Activity One

Practice reading out loud each word from the pictures above. 


Active Two

Make your own flashcards! Write each word and draw a picture to match it. You could then test an adult or sibling to read your flashcards!


Learning Objective: I am learning about Christianity. 


We are continuing our whole-school project on Christianity, which is being taught by Mrs Hill. To find out what we are learning about today, just follow this link...



Learning Objective: I am beginning to learn about plants.


Yesterday, we looked at what we already know about plants and came up with lots of questions and ideas about what we would like to find out over the next few weeks! If you have not already done so, please send these to me at Today, we are going to begin looking in more detail at what a plant is and what it needs to grow. Watch this video to find out more... 

What does a healthy plant need?


We have a really fun activity this afternoon, which I know that you will all really love! It will help us to remember all the things that a plant needs to stay healthy. Just follow the instructions on the activity sheet below. You will need scissors and some glue to complete this task and an adult or sibling to help you! Have fun!

Just for fun...

Just like us plants need food to survive...and animals do too! Whilst plants make their own food, animals are not so lucky and they must find their own. There are lots of animals that you will find in your own garden or local area. Let's help them! Follow the instructions from the RSPB to create your very own bird feeder! You should have lots of the materials that you need to do this at home already. I hope that you have lots of fun! And don't forget to hang it up outside!


Make a Recycled Bird Feeder | Fun Activities for Kids - The RSPB