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Tuesday 21st April

Good morning everyone!  I am a bit behind this morning due to unexpected twin lambs arriving about 30 minutes ago so apologies.


Lambs are not the only exciting thing that has been happening in our house, yesterday a group of 4 ducklings arrived in our front garden who had been abandoned by their mum.  My dog Drift very gently herded them all up and they are living in the warm in our garage at the moment but also as you can see from the photo enjoying some time in our pond.


Have you had any new wildlife in your garden?  I know that because we are all using our cars a lot less there seems to be a lot more wildlife around.


I am adding some more phonics and maths today but also a bit of science.  As it is quite breezy outside could you have a go at making either a wind chime (use plastic bottles and beads or a wind sock using a ring and some strips of coloured paper or material) use your imagination you are all brilliant at this kind of activity.  I will make one too and post my picture later but I thought a rainbow theme for the windsock but another way of showing our love for the NHS and keyworkers.  If you send me your photos on email I can add them to the website.




Ducklings! 1
Ducklings! 2

Phonics - Have a try at this sorting game



Here is a video to watch about counting to 20 and then some ideas to follow on.