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Tuesday 7th July


Objective – I know doubles and halves to 20.


So we know that when we find a double, we add the same number again, so double 1 is 1 + 1 and double 2 is 2 + 2, etc. And when we find a half, we split the number into two equal groups. Today we are going to practice both. It might be helpful if you find your ‘doubles chart’ from last week to help you and you could even do a ‘halves chart’ with all the halves on as well. Today I want you to practice finding doubles and halves so you can choose how you want to do this. Below is a board game, challenge cards and word problems. You can decide which one you want to do or you might want to try all three!


Objective –  I can use labels.


Today we are going to think about labels. Can you find a book at home that has labels in? What do labels do?


Labels are useful because they can show us the parts of a picture and exactly what things are. Usually the label is written at the side of the picture and then there is a straight line from the label to what it is pointing at. Look at the example below, it shows the parts of a house with clear labels.



Task – To write labels to show what you have packed in your case ready for your holiday. Either using the template, or you could draw your own, I want you to draw the items you wrote on your list yesterday in the suitcase ready for your holiday. You need to include labels to show what each item is, use the example to help you.

Challenge – To use a ruler to draw a straight line from your label to the item you are pointing at. Remember, it is a lot easier to draw a straight line with a ruler than with your hand.


Today we are going to practice reading 'un' words. After you have worked through the presentation, you can decide whether you want to play the game or try the 'un' colouring activity. You might decide to make up your own game using the 'un' words we have looked at today.