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Tuesday 12th May

Good morning, 

I hope you all had a fun day yesterday. Did you like the music lesson? I hope so. It's nice to do things a bit differently sometimes. I will add another lesson for next week. 

It's been lovely reading about and seeing your VE day celebrations. I'm sorry if not all of your photos made it onto the clip on the 'Just for fun' page. I think it was put together over the weekend. But, I will still add to our 'photos from home' page. 

We had a busy day yesterday. I made a chocolate cake that didn't look that good at all (some of it stuck to the tin and when I finally got it out, it started to crumble!). But it tasted lovely! And after lunch I set up a liquids tray for my little boy to play with. 

Picture 1

He really enjoys pouring and mixing things together so I thought he would like making all sorts of mess! He did! We had liquids everywhere but I guess that's part of the fun! I think today he wants to go bug hunting outside. Fingers crossed the weather is nice so we don't get soaked! 

What would you like to do today? I hope you have lots of fun. 

Take care, 

Miss Hickman


Objective – I can find a quarter of a shape.


Today we are going to use our knowledge of quarters to practice finding a quarter of shapes. The easiest way to find a quarter is to first draw a line in the middle of the shape to split it into two equal sections or halves. If you then draw another line to halve each of those sections you should have four equal sections. Remember to colour or shade one section in to show ‘one quarter’ (or one of the four pieces).

Task – Draw some 2D shapes (circle, square, pentagon, rectangle, hexagon, triangle) or print the page of shapes off and split each one into quarters. Remember to colour or shade one of those four sections to show ‘a quarter of each shape’. You might decide to cut the shape out and fold it into quarters or you could use a ruler and draw on the quarters. Can you find a quarter of other shapes such as a heart or a star? Are there any shapes you can’t find a quarter of? You could make a list of shapes that can’t be easily split into quarters. Once you have finished try the ‘find a quarter’ activity.

Challenge – Try the ‘halves and quarters investigation’ challenge.


Objective – I can understand ‘alphabetical order’.


Today we are going to look at alphabetical order and what it means. Yesterday we worked on the alphabet and practiced saying the letter names and the order they came in the alphabet. Alphabetical order, is putting words in order of the alphabet using their first letter (to start with). So if I had a ball, apple and cat – which would come first? It would be the ‘apple’ because it starts with the letter ‘a’ which comes before the other two letters. Which item would be next? It is the ‘ball’ because ‘b’ is the next letter and so the ‘cat’ would come last in this order. Work through the powerpoint below to learn more.

Task – To pick 5 items from around your house and write them as a list in your book but they must be in alphabetical order. It usually helps to have a copy of the alphabet in front of you, so it might be helpful to write the alphabet out at the top of the page first. Once you have done this, get an adult to check and put the items back, picking 5 new items. If you want to challenge yourself you could get 7 items to list instead. Try to do this a few times, maybe you could try without using the alphabet once you get the hang of it? Another activity is to see whether you can write the names of your friends and family in alphabetical order. Don’t forget to include a capital letter for each name!


Challenge – Try one of the alphabetical ordering challenges.  


Today we are going to learn how to read words with an 'er' sound at the end. These words are usually used to compare things. Work through the powerpoint with an adult then decide which (or all) of the activities you want to try.