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I know the importance of the River Nile



Watch the video by clicking on the link above.  


Today, we are going to focus in on the importance of the River Nile.  Without the River Nile, there may never have been the Ancient Egyptian civilisation - it was fundamental to the Egyptians and still is.


I've set up a choice of using either 'Docs' (Word) or 'Slides' (PowerPoint) in Google Classroom for you to complete this - go there and read the prompt and choose which format you want to use.  If you choose to do it by hand instead, then please photograph your work and email it to me.  Below is the prompt in Google Classroom.


This is  a 2 day project (Monday & Tuesday).  I expect a lot of detail and some great images too.  Hand it in tomorrow.


Prompt from Google Classroom


Research the River Nile and why it was important to the Ancient Egyptians. Learn about where its source is (its start) and the countries it flows through. How did the Ancient Egyptians use it? How did it keep them alive? How did it they use it for trade? Why is it important today. This is a big area to cover, so we're going to run this over two days - Monday and Tuesday. Include images and information in your project. You can do this by using 'Docs' or 'Slides' - I've created the documents for you to start from. Remember your work auto saves as you add bits to it. Hand it in on Tuesday for marking.