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w.b - 8/2/21

I can create my own piece of Maya art. 

You have only got one topic lesson this week as it will take you more than one afternoon to complete. Read the information in the powerpoint presentation linked below. Think about the resources that you have around your house and plan a piece of Maya art. It may be 3D, it might be made from clay, it might be a big piece of art that you do outside or it may be a drawing. You can use the internet to do your own further research into Maya artwork. Once you have planned what you want to do, get creative! I would love to see pictures of your fantastic artwork. 

W.B 1/2/21

Topic 1 - I can explain what food the Maya people ate. 

Today we are going to be looking at the food that the Maya people used to grow and eat (it involves Miss Andersons favourite food - chocolate!!).

1) Read the powerpoint information

2) Create an inventory of the foods that the Maya people used to eat, use the example on the powerpoint to help you

3) Make a poster about the significance of chocolate to the Maya people.

4) (optional activity) Use the recipe linked below to make your own Mayan hot chocolate drink! You will need an adult to help you with this. 

W.B - 1/2/21

Topic 2 - I can explain why Jade was important to the Maya people. 

Today, you will be completing a research task for topic. 


Jade is a metamorphic rock consisting of the minerals jadeite. Jade was very precious to the ancient Maya people who used it to create items of jewellery, mosaics and masks. 

Your challenge is to investigate how important jade was to the ancient Maya people and create a presentation to explain your findings. You may choose to create a Powerpoint presentation, poster or quiz. I have created the assignment for you in google classroom and uploaded a blank word document and powerpoint presentation. You do not need to use both.


Here are some suggested websites to get you started:

w.b 25/1/21

Topic 1 - I understand the Maya writing system. 

We are going to try something a little bit different this week which will mean that you get to work collaboratively on a piece of work! The instructions for how to do this is in the video below. I have already grouped you when I have assigned the work on google classroom. You are all in a group of 3 except for Toby and Thomas who are in a group of 2.

Have fun working together! Remember, this is the first time that we are trying this so it may not run smoothly but just try your best.

Miss Anderson


1) Watch the video explaining today's task.

3) Read the powerpoint and the fact cards linked below. 

2) Complete the collaborative task on google classroom.

Task explanation

Still image for this video

w.b. 25/1/21

Topic 2 - I understand how the Maya language was written.

1) Read the powerpoint presentation linked below.

2) Read the comprehension linked below. 

3) Answer the comprehension questions on google classroom. 

W.B 18/1/21

Topic 1 - I understand how the Maya number system worked.


1) Read the information in the powerpoint below.

2) Open the document below and work out what number is being represented. The answers are on the second page of the document. You can use the powerpoint to help you work out the answers if you get stuck. 

Topic 2 - I can use a range of evidence sources to help me understand Maya life.

1) Read the information in the powerpoint.

2) Look at the pictures in the PDF document, choose one of them to complete the task linked below. 

3) Draw your own picture of the evidence that you used.

W.B. 11/1/21 - topic lesson 1

I can discover facts about the Maya civilisation and explain who the Maya people were and when and where in the world they lived. 


Our topic this half term is the Mayans and South America. 

1) Read through the information in the powerpoint below. 

2)When you get to the map information in the powerpoint, use the map resource linked below to outline and label the different countries. 

3) Create a 'welcome to Maya' tourist information page using the document on google classroom. Please submit your pages by 3pm on Friday so that I can mark them over next week. I have included some possible subheadings on the document but if you want to use different ones, you can delete mine. 



w.b. 11/1/21 - Topic lesson 2

I can explain the religious beliefs of the Maya people. 

1) Read the information in the powerpoint presentation below. 

2) Make a Maya god fact file. Choose 4 Gods to write a description of. Include information about their appearance, the meaning of their name, what they are god of and an interesting fact. 

3) Log into google classroom and complete the 'Maya god quiz'.