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As before, we know you all live in different homes, with different families and different lifestyles. Depending on whether you have adults working from home, other children to help you and the resources you have at home and on your doorstep you might find yourself wanting extra to do every now and then or everyday. This page has lots of links and ideas for different things to do for a range of subjects. 


Maddie Moate is doing some fun science-related activities on her YouTube channel. Last week was Garden Week and this week it’s Brilliant Bodies with more to come

Woodland trust Nature activities


Science Sparks


Interactive science on computers




There are lots of art tutorials on Youtube or you could try learning about a famous artists and try to replicate their style. 

Some famous artists:

Andy Warhol

Henri Rousseau

William Morris

Andy Goldsworthy

Vincent Van Gogh

Seurat and pointillism

Monet - impressionism


Complete the January art challenge!



Joe Wicks

Cosmic Yoga

TikTok dances/ Just Dance

Make your own challenges