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In science we will be learning about adaptation – there is a PowerPoint and you then have a sorting activity to complete. You can choose either the easy version (you need to match the animal to its habitat and one adaptive trait) or the hard version (animal, habitat and two adaptive traits).

I would advise you do a rough draft as you’ll probably make mistakes at first. If you print them out in black and white, sort them before you stick them – it’s harder than it looks.


I can explain which animals live in the different biomes of Africa.

After watching the video about biomes, I’d like you to find out which biomes are found across Africa and the different animals that live there. Next week, you’ll have more time to explore the animals in more detail using the Chester Zoo website.

Take a look at my example using the biomes of North America.


This week your art idea is to do some textured art. I’ve attached some sheet of African animal skin patterns. Can you create a similar pattern outdoors using natural materials: earth, sand, bark, leaves sticks, petals (please don’t destroy any plants or habitats though). I couldn’t find any examples so I’ve given some of general art in nature.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


This week, you need to complete your religious passport on Islam.


Please continue with your Global Citizenship. We can all do something each day to improve the world – think about the environmental impact you are having and the emotional one – a smile is infectious.

I will add this week's Safe and Sound lesson link on Wednesday too.


Have a go at the BBC dance mat typing game.



Over the next 2 weeks you have the chance to perform the song. Why not get together with your friends online and make a ‘music video’. For an extra challenge, write your own lyrics for one or more of the verses and swap them out. Or you could edit the lyrics to the chorus. Have fun!



Please use   or Espresso: USERNAME – student27931

                                                                                           PASSWORD – sjkeele

On espresso, you’ll find access to German, Spanish and French resources.



For P.E., I have added ASM sports challenges. Remember, if there is a resource you liked previously, all the past pages are on the website for you to collect ideas.


Our topic is Geography based but that shouldn’t stop you. The BBC are doing a 15 minute history lesson on Radio 4 each Monday at 9.30. Listen at any time on the following link (thanks to Clara’s mum for sharing)