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Welcome to your final topic lesson of the half term!


We hope that you have enjoyed learning about our local area and local history. This week, it is your turn to choose some learning to suit your interests! You can choose one, two or even three of these ideas to complete and then send us some photos of your work. 



  • Research the distances between Stoke on Trent and 5 different European cities. Which is the furthest away? The closest? What is the difference between the furthest and the shortest distance?
  • Research the average rainfall or temperature in Stoke on Trent and 5 different European cities. Turn your data into a bar chart and write 5 different facts about what you have found out.



  • Create a radio or TV advert for a local attraction. Remember to try to persuade people to visit. You can record your final piece and upload it.



  • Find out more about the history of a local person who comes from Stoke on Trent. You could choose Sir Stanley Matthews (a famous footballer), Reginald Mitchell (who designed planes in World War 2) or Emma Bridgewater (a pottery designer).  You could present your information as a poster, a Google Slides document or even a video!



  • Write a postcard from Stoke on Trent or from another European city.


Art and Design Technology

  • Using plasticine or playdough, create your own range of pottery. Think about the shapes and the textures that you would like to create.
  • Lobby is a stew made from meat and vegetables which is local to Stoke on Trent. With help from an adult, design and make your own stew to eat.
  • Create a model of a scene from your local environment (e.g. Keele Hall, your local park, Bet 365 Stadium). You could use household recycling items, Lego or even natural materials from the garden. There is a very good example on Week 4's Fantastic Work - thank you Karis!



  • Using Scratch Junior (available to download on tablets) create a storyboard featuring a place in our local area.