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I can research Egytian Gods and present my findings


Using Google Classrooms, I want you to create a project on Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.  What did the Ancient Egyptians believe? Who did they believe in? What was special about the Gods you choose to cover?  What would happen if they upset the Gods?  Again, there is a lot to cover, so take today and tomorrow to create your presentation and hand it in.  I have provided you with a 'Docs' and a 'Slides' for you to choose from in Google Classroom - you only have to complete one of these with your information.  I hope you enjoy finding out about them.  At the end of your project, can you tell me which is your favourite and why?


I've attached a PowerPoint/PDF below to get you started but don't just copy and paste this.  There is some good info in here and it may help you focus in on some of them rather than lots of them, but there's other information elsewhere.