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Thursday 21th May

Happy Thursday!


Did you have a lovely day yesterday in the sunshine? It certainly got very warm, didn't it!  There are only two more home-learning days to go and then it is the May half-term. We won't be setting the daily work over the half-term holiday but will leave a few ideas on the page in case anyone is looking for things they could do. :)


There is a competition for a school to win £5,000 of book tokens to spend on new books for their library and classrooms. It would be wonderful if St John's could win it!  Entrants receive £100 of book tokens as well!  All you need to do is follow the link below and nominate our school. That's it!  If you could send the link to other family members so they can nominate us too, that would give us more chances and be amazing!


Have a wonderful day,

Mrs Winstone :)




I can convert Roman numerals. 

We are continuing to learn about Roman numerals and how we can convert them into the digits we recognise today.

Watch this video to remind yourself what each letter represents and how we read Roman numerals:

Roman Numerals

Picture 1
Have a go at completing the Roman numerals Match Attax ratings for the football players! Check your answers with the answer document below.
If you have time, listen to this song! You could learn it to help you remember how to count in Roman numerals!

Roman Numerals



Thursday 21st May

I can plan for writing a newspaper article.

Firstly, read Chapter 11 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, or alternatively you can listen to the audio version in the video below (from 13:33):

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Chapters 9, 10, 11 Read Aloud

Imagine YOU are a newspaper reporter!  Your job is going to be to write a newspaper article to tell the world the final Golden Ticket for Willy Wonka's factory has been found by Charlie Bucket!


Today, you will be planning your article, ready for writing it tomorrow. You can either print and fill in the template below, or write information about each section in your book.

If you want any additional support, there is a whole unit full of videos and tips for writing newspaper reports on Espresso (Username: student27931 Password: sjkeele).