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Thursday 9th July

Good Morning!


It's Thursday! I hope you have managed to make a good start on your story yesterday. Today, you will be looking at writing the 'main part'. Take your time as this is the part that the reader will remember the most!


I haven't got too much to tell you today. The weather seems to have been very rainy recently and that has stopped us from being able to get out and about. What sort of things have you been doing to keep busy?


Have a super day. Keep trying hard and sharing all of your lovely news and work with us. We love hearing from you!


Mrs Winstone :) 




I can make 3D shapes


Following on from yesterday's lesson, today you will be using nets to make some 3D shapes. If you are able to, print the nets you wish to try to make. Cut them out and see if you are able to make the nets into 3D shapes.  You may need to use some scissors to score along edges so they fold easily (ask your mum or dad to show you how to safely do this).


If you are not able to print the document, you could use spaghetti with blue tac (or small marshmallows) to try and make some 3D shapes. 


If you do not have any spaghetti, you could use play dough to try and make many of the 3D shapes on the resource below:

Send any photographs of your 3D creations to



Thursday 9th July

I can write the problem and solution to my story.


I hope you managed to make a good start to your story yesterday.  Today, you will be writing the main part of your story.  This part normally contains the problem and then a solution.  These parts are the largest parts of your story.  Try to have a balance of narration (author voice) and dialogue (speech) in your story.  Also, try to remember the rules for writing direct speech - using inverted commas around the spoken words. " "




The train pulled into the station and Francesca cautiously climbed inside. "Are you ok?" asked Mathilda.

"I think so," replied Francesca.

"It won't take long. We'll be there soon."

The train pulled off and in no time began speeding through the countryside. Francesca looked at her watch. Only half an hour and then she would be there. Suddenly there was an enormous jolt as the train came to an immediate standstill.  "What's happened?" whispered Francesca, her eyes wide with fright.  Just then, there was an announcement. "We are sorry to inform you that we have encountered a small problem with the train. We are waiting for an engineer to come and help fix it. Thank you for your patience."

Would this mean they would be late? Mathilda squeezed her little sister's hand reassuringly. "Don't worry. We'll get there," she whispered.  Francesca could feel the nerves building inside her. She'd waited a long time for this day and now it might not even happen!  


After waiting for over twenty minutes, the train finally began its journey once again. Francesca sighed with relief.  Whoever had fixed the train so quickly was definitely a hero in her eyes. As soon as it pulled into the next platform, Mathilda took Francesca by the hand and both girls quickly ran to the taxi rank outside. "We need to go to the Lyceum Theatre as quickly as possible!" panted Mathilda whilst climbing into the black cab.  

"Are we going to be late?" asked Francesca anxiously.

"I think we might just make it, as long as we don't get caught up in any traffic jams!"