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Thursday 7th May

Good Morning!  So I am sure by now that you will have heard about a man called Captain (now Colonel) Tom who, at 100 years old, has raised over 32 million pounds for the NHS and it made me think about how we describe someone who is a hero, particularly with the VE celebrations tomorrow.  My Grandad was a soldier in the war and I am lucky enough to have his medals so today I have given you a picture of my grandad's medals and a template to show you how to make your own.  It doesn't have to be the same as mine you can make any design.  


Who is your hero at the moment, who would you give your medal too?  So many people are doing amazing things for everyone else at the moment doctors, nurses, teachers, delivery drivers, shop workers the list goes on.  Try and think of one word to describe a hero, or maybe you could record your hero a message.


Have a fabulous day, I will be doing certificates later on today as it is bank holiday tomorrow.  Please have a look at the extra page for this week with some ideas of ways to celebrate VE day and activities to do.

Picture 1
Picture 2



The weather is lovely again so if you can get out in the garden and collect up lots of sticks, leaves, pebbles whatever you can find and then use them to make the shape of the following letter sounds:


e, u, r and h


You could also try using some of the other letter sounds you know such as s, a, t, p, i, n to make a word.

Maths - comparing number and quantity/number bonds


Activity 1: We have talked about having a tea party to celebrate VE Day so today to practice your numbers I would like you get out some teddies or toys and a dice.  Roll the dice, count the dots and see how many teddies can come to your tea party.  Keep rolling the dice to practice different numbers, you could also try it with two dice.


Activity 2 (more challenging).  This is a board game looking at number bonds.  As you roll the dice you will land on a number and you need to work out what you need to add to that number to make 10.  No need to print the board out you can play it on the screen.