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Thursday 9th July

Good Morning! How fierce was your dragon?  Does he breath fire? There are so many stories available about dragons have a search on the internet and see if you can find one and the library is back open again so perhaps you could go and pick some books about castles, dragons and princesses.



The Literacy trust have also produced a list of apps and audiobooks which you can filter by age.  The link is below.



Congratulations and well done for all your hard work up to this point and you have made it to your final letter sound - today's sound is 'z'.  As well as listening to the song for 'z' you might like to listen to the whole song again today to refresh your memory ready for next week.


Don't forget to visit Scrap!


Some words that begin with Z - Zoo, Zebra, ZigZag


Can you sound out the following words:   Z o o    W e t       Y  a  p


Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Maths - number bonds/Recording a tally chart


Activity 1: Draw out a red, yellow, blue and green circle on a piece of paper with room by the side.  Go on a hunt around the house and see how many objects of each colour you can find., make a mark by each colour for each object.  There is an example of a tally chart below to help.


Activity 2 (more challenging).  This is a board game looking at number bonds.  As you roll the dice you will land on a number and you need to work out what you need to add to that number to make 10.  No need to print the board out you can play it on the screen.  

Craft Activity Idea:


How about making a crown today or a princess hat?


Pictures below to help.