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Thursday 7th May

This weeks certificates go to: Charlie, Sarika, Michael, Nina, Jess and Beth.

Well done to Sarika and Nina for getting their gold badge this week and to Jake who achieved his last week.

Well done to everyone for another fantastic week. 

I have attached the answers for today's maths. Did you manage to summarise the chapter in only a few words? I can't wait to see your examples. I have added a great example of dialogue sent in by Charlie to the photos page. I'm sure you'll agree he's set the writing standard very high. You could use it to edit your own. 

I'm having another very busy day. My cousin, who lives 7 miles away, is expecting a baby in 2 months time so is shielding at the minute. I had some things to take to her and decided to cycle the 14 mile round trip. I really enjoyed it. The roads are less busy and it's a countryside route so I was safe on my bike with my helmet and gloves. I missed Joe Wicks this morning though and I won't be doing it later with my tired legs, I'm sure you'll let me off.

I've also been busy arranging the VE day celebrations with our street. We are all having a picnic on our front lawns and one of the neighbours plays the trumpet so he's doing the last post at 3pm. It's very important to remember all those people who lost their lives or made sacrifices to make the world a better place and to pray for them and their families. On Monday, I'll add some photos. Please send some in of the things you have done too and I can create a slideshow.

Later, I'm off to Etruria to give blood. I'm expecting things to be a bit different at the Donor Centre today but I'll go prepared with my hands nice and clean and my sanitiser gel so I can keep the fantastic nurses there safe and well. 

When I get back, we have a family zoom meeting. It's our biggest yet with 9 households joining in - all the aunties and uncles - so I am sure we will have lots of fun. 

And I will be ending the day outside, clapping really loudly to show appreciation to all the key workers who are looking after us and the whole community for staying indoors on lockdown to keep everyone safe.


Have a great weekend, stay safe and I will see you Monday when you send in some photos.

Miss Wood

Maths answers

Maths answers 1
Maths answers 2

The long weekend is nearly upon us!

I hope you have a great time celebrating and stay happy and safe.

A couple of things to remind you of since there's no school work tomorrow:

  • George's Covid-19 superhero competition.
  • St John's got Talent - deadline is the end of next week!
  • Send us photos of your VE celebration bakes or crafts - we want to make another school video with all the pictures. 

Maths - I can use algebra, trial and error. Today you have a fish bowl problems. Hint: try using algebra to help you solve it. Drawing pictures and using smaller numbers than 72 might help first too.

English. I can summarise the events in Chapter 5 - audio below

th C4 and C5.wma