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Thursday 25th June


Objective – I can make arrays.


Today we are going to use what we looked at last lesson to help us understand arrays. An array is when we group objects, pictures or numbers in columns and rows to help us to count it easier. Below is an example of an array.

Picture 1

The sweets are set out in columns and rows. Looking at the picture, we can see –


There are 3 sweets in each row. There are 5 rows of sweets. 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 =




There are 5 sweets in each column. There are 3 columns. 5 + 5 + 5 =


Both of these ways are correct and they both give an answer of 15 sweets (you can even count the sweets to check).


We used the array to write two addition number sentences. When we do this, both number sentences have the same answer and it doesn’t really matter which way around you read the array.

Have a look at the ‘Amazing Arrays’ power point below.

Task – Start with 12 objects (you could use sweets, dried pasta pieces, toy cars, counters, building bricks, marshmallows – anything you can get 12 of). Can you make different arrays using your 12 objects? Once you have made an array (remember each of the rows need the same amount in, each of the columns need the same amount in) write the two addition number sentences, before trying to make a different array.


Here is an example of an array and number sentences using 8 objects.

Picture 1

Challenge – To make different arrays and number sentences using 15 or 20 objects. How many different arrays can you make?


Objective – I can create and describe an imaginary pirate.


Poor Jake, he still can’t find his teddy. I wonder where they will look next…



It sounds like Holly and Jake are having a great adventure in their garden! They pretended they were on a pirate ship today. Where were they really? I wonder what it would be like to appear on a pirate ship!


Task – To create and describe an imagined pirate. I want you to create your own pirate (it can be a friendly pirate or a mean pirate). Have a think what your pirate is going to be like, what they look like and what they are wearing. Draw, colour in and design your pirate (you could even give them a pirate name). Once you have finished, write some sentences about your pirate. I would love to see these once they are finished and share them with the rest of the class.


Challenge – You could even design the pirate’s ship. What would it look like? How big or small would it be? Is there treasure on it? Does it have a name? Don’t forget to describe it once you have finished.


Today we are learning how to write words that have a 've' in them. After you could try the 'roll and write' activity or you could practice writing 'v' and 've' words with chalk, making them using magnetic letters or write them on cards and hide them around the house to find with an adult.