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Thursday 7th January

Challenge of the day!


Name and draw some healthy things to eat.



Please note that we will be recapping Phase 2 and Phase 3 phonics for the first part of this term. I will try to do this in different ways using Twinkl and the good old internet!! If your child is confident with reading the sounds in these words then please help them to write them using correct letter formation! This will be the beginnings of them learning to spell!

Rock Out And Learn About The Alphabet. We love Jack Hartmann!!

I can name and sound upper and lower class letters.
International version of Rock Out and Learn About the Alphabet from A to Zed. Rock Out and Learn About the Alphabet teaches alphabet recognition and letter sound recognition. In this alphabet song, I name the uppercase letters, the lowercase letters and then the upper and lowercase letters together. For learning letter sounds I show each letter and then repeat the letter sound association three times. Rock out and have fun learning about the alphabet!

Can your child identify the missing sound? Play the game and check.

Phase 3 Tricky Words Song

I can recognise Phase 3 tricky words.
Challenge - If your child can read these words confidently have a go at spelling them!


The theme this week is time so lets have fun singing the days of the week and the months of the year.

Days of the Week Song | The Singing Walrus - Taaa-Daaaah!

I can recite the days of the week.
Challenge - How many days in the week are there? Which two days are the weekend? Which day comes after Tuesday?

Months of the Year Song

I can recite the months of the year.
Challenge - How many months in the year are there? Which is the first month of the year? Which is the last month of the year? Which month comes before July?

Let's Learn About the Clock | Fun Clock Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

Learn about the clock and telling time in this fun Let's Learn About the Clock song. Let's Learn About the Clock teaches about the numbers on the clock, the minute hand, the hour hand and how they move around the clock. Let's Learn About the Clock is a great introduction to telling time.

Where Do Snowflakes Come From?

I know that each snowflake is unique and am beginning to know how they are formed.


How to make a symmetrical snowflake - When you have done the folding and cutting together draw the shape on the paper for your child to follow the lines - snip, snip, snip!


Enjoy watching this version of the Hickory, Dickory Dock rhyme.


When you have watched the video a couple of times discuss with your child the actions of the wolf, the perseverance of the mouse and why the mouse and the elephant became friends.

Hickory Dickory Dock | CoComelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

Oh no! The cheese is stuck at the top of the clock, and our friend the mouse can't get it down! Sing along with this classic counting song!