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Thursday 4th June

Hi Class One!

Gosh what a change in weather yesterday was! I wonder what it will be like today? I quite liked the cooler weather and spending some time inside. We are hoping to have a craft morning today and maybe some baking later on. My little boy has been finding out toys he hasn't played with for a long time so we have car tracks everywhere at the moment! 

What are you going to do today? If it rains again, at least there will be puddles to jump in!

Have a great day

Miss Hickman 


Objective – I can tell the time to the nearest half hour.


Today we are going to learn how to show half past times. Like we did with o’clock times, it is important to use a ruler to draw your hands. This time the minute hand (the longer hand) needs to point to the 6 and the hour hand needs to point to just after the hour you want, for example half past 3, the hour hand is half way between 3 and 4. This is more difficult to do and you might need more help today but with practice you will get there! Don’t forget to make your minute hand longer than your hour hand so you can see which is which.


Task – Read the time and draw the hands on the clock.

Challenge – Use the template to make your own clock.


Objective – I can write in past tense.


I’m sure your postcards look great and I hope you enjoyed making them. Today we are going to imagine that you have been on your holiday for a few days now so you have been very busy! This week we have tried to use our imagination as much as possible (because it’s sometimes more fun to pretend!) and today is no different! I want you to look at the picture of your holiday destination (the picture you picked from Tuesday’s lesson) and pretend that you are really there! Talk to someone at home, using that picture, about all the things you could have done on your imagined holiday. For example if you went on a beach holiday – swam in the sea, went diving, went on a boat ride, built sand castles, ate ice cream, had a picnic on the beach, explored rock pools, had fish and chips, swam in the pool, etc. The more creative you can be, the better! You could make a list or draw pictures to help you to remember.


Task – Once you have spent time talking about all of the things you have imagined from your holiday, your task today is to write a diary entry describing your holiday. We have written a diary before but here are some things to remember –

  • Start with ‘Dear Diary, ‘
  • You are writing about yourself – I, my, me
  • You are writing about something that is past tense so it has already happened – ‘we went’ ‘I saw’ ‘I played’
  • Try to include opinions – ‘It was fantastic!’
  • You are describing what you have done on your ‘holiday’ – use your imagination! 


Today we are learning how to write 'tch' words.