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Thursday 4th February

Good Morning Ruby Class!

Welcome to another day of home learning! Let's find out what we are going today in our Thursday morning message...

Thursday Morning Message...

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As you know, today is the FINAL part of our class story 'The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me'...

The End

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I hope that you all really enjoyed our class story! Come back tomorrow for some exciting news about what we will be reading next...


Learning Objective: I can include information in a character description. 


Today, we will adding some information about penguins (from our 'Topic' lesson!) to our description of the penguin from 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers.



For this lesson, you will need your labelled penguin (including features adjectives) and your information about penguins from Tuesday's 'English' and 'Topic' lessons. Once you are ready, let's begin...

English Thurs


Write a description of the penguin including features, adjectives and information. You should write your description in full sentences with capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. To write your sentences, follow the same process that I have used in the video. It may be helpful to watch the video again!


Once you have completed your character description, keep it safe! You will need it for tomorrow's 'English' lesson!


Learning Objective: I can subtract crossing 10. 


Today, we will continue to look at subtraction crossing 10. Watch this video from White Rose Maths to find out more...



Work through the worksheets below to practice your subtraction skills.

Parents: Remember, these worksheets have lots of useful tips and questions to help you support and extend your child's learning. 


Learning Objective: I am learning about alternative spellings and pronunciations.


We are learning about Phase 5 alternative spellings and pronunciations. We are currently looking at the 'oa' sound family...



Find out more about the 'oa' sound family here...

oa ow o oe - Alternative Spellings


Play the 'oa' Sound Family game with an adult or sibling! Roll a dice then...

  • Read the word or picture.
  • Say a word with the sound in. 
  • Put the word in a sentence. 


Please don't forget to keep practice your phonics over at Phonics Play! You can focus on alternative spellings and pronunciations by playing the 'Cheeky Monkeys' or 'Acorn Adventures' games! They are FREE with the login: jan21 and password: home


Learning Objective: I can move my body in different ways in response to music.


Today, we will be continuing to explore different ways to move our bodies in response to music. We have a fantastic lesson lined up today! We are going to pretend to be icebergs using tall, stretching-up actions! Then, we are going to pretend to be penguins! I hope that you all have lots of fun! Just follow this link to BBC Teach...


Have fun!!