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Good morning class 5,

I am really enjoying reading your letters to Kensuke, they are very persuasive! We have a student teacher joining us in our class this term. Click on the link below to meet her!

Meet Mrs Patterson!

Still image for this video


I can write sentences using modal verbs to show degrees of possibility. 

modal verbs


4 Persuasive letter


We are learning about imperial measures. Watch the lesson video.

You can then complete the challenges. Bronze this week is a guided video challenge.

imperial length lesson

bronze length lesson

Afternoon learning - Malala's magic pencil

Today, you are going to write a letter to Malala. Think about what you would say to her, what questions would you ask her about what her life was like in Pakistan and what her life is like now in England. You might want to tell her about what your own experience of eduction in England has been like and how you feel about it. You might want to ask her questions about her book or her speech and how she felt being so well known at such a young age. 

Optional extra mini-task

What do you think the children used the rubbish from the dump for? Can you recycle some of the rubbish around your house and make something useful?