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Thursday grammar: I can use paragraphs
Miss Anderson has recorded the lesson below - please watch this before completing one of the challenges.


Writing - log in live to Mrs C at 9.45 for the next instalment of Secret of Black Rock

For maths today you have 4 challenges based on angle rules. For challenge 1, you can watch the lesson by clicking on the link below and watching to 7 minutes 30 seconds. Remember, just watch to 7:30. For the other 3 challenges, work through as many as you can in the hour. You aren't expected to get through them all today though some of you might.

Maths answers

Challenge 1 answers

Challenge 2 answers

Challenge 3 answers

Challenge 4 answers

When marking your reading learning this morning, I've seen the scores are very varied - some of you got full marks while others struggled. I am very proud of you for giving it a go. Well done. A simile uses the words like or as to compare e.g. the forest was like an evil witch or her hands were as cold as ice. A metaphor is similar but doesn't use those words e.g. the forest was an evil witch or her hands were frozen icicles. Alliteration is where the words start with the same letter e.g. croaked and cackled. Personification is where you make an object do a person's action e.g. the sun smiled down on the beach.

We can do some work on this back at school.