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Story Time! 

Here's a space-themed story for you to listen to, perhaps at the end of the day.


The Darkest Dark - Chris Hadfield



Lesson Objective: I can solve problems by selecting the correct amounts of money.


Watch the White Rose video about selecting money and try the task sheet. There are some extras if you would like to do some more!

Select Money Problem Solving 14/1/21


Lesson Objective: I can plan a non-chronological report about space.
Watch the lesson about how to plan a non-chronological report. You can create more than 4 sub-headings if you want to and use the links below if you need some ideas!

Non-chronological report plan 14/1/21

SPAG Sheet


Lesson Objective: I can identify parts of the human body.

Today's science/PSHE lesson is about our bodies. How many parts can you name? What about the organs we can't see? Do you know where they are and what they are called?


Task: Watch the clips below and draw an outline of a body. Using a ruler, label as many parts are you can. Use the word bank to check your spellings.


BBC Learning - Parts of the Human Body

BBC Learning - Major Organs of the Human Body