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Thursday 30th April

Maths Solutions



So now we move on to angles in a triangle.  There are times within these sheets that you'll need to use your knowledge from this week (straight line and around a point) to work out some missing angles so look out for them.  The first steps sheet quickly gets tricky so I'd suggest everyone starts with this.  After that, if you really want a challenge, try the Strengthening sheet too.  Answers are already part of the PDFs - page 2.  Try not to peek!!





See the sheet for details.

I have linked the Gladstone pottery museum website below, which a parent at school works for. There are lots of quizzes, art activities and puzzles for you to have a go at. See how much you can remember from our super Staffordshire topic!

Topic & RE


Topic: Continue with your Mayan project - send them in when you've done.


RE: Same research sheets as last week - choose another religion or two to delve into.