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Thursday 25th June

Question of the day...

Can you add some unusual toppings to this pizza? Chocolate? Jam? Custard?




Lesson Objective: I can completed a tally chart, draw a bar chart and answer questions about the data.


Below is some data that was collected from Monday's Question Box (hopefully I haven't missed any that were sent in). Look at this data and complete the tasks below.


Task 1: Use the data above to complete the tally chart. Use a ruler to draw it!


Fruit Tally Total


Task 2: Watch the video about drawing a bar chart. Have a go in your maths book using the data in your tally chart.

Bar Graph

Still image for this video

Task 3: Answer the following questions about your data:


Which fruit is the most popular?

Which fruit is the least popular?

How many MORE children prefer strawberry to pineapple?

How many MORE children prefer grapes to pineapple?

How many children like pineapple and apple in total?




Lesson Objective: I can write an animal riddle.


Can you guess the animals from the riddles in the Powerpoint? Have a go at writing your own animal riddles. Send some in for your friends to guess!


Don't forget to start with the hardest clues first and then make them slightly easier.