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Mental Maths

Have a go at this week's mental maths quiz. You'll need a pencil and paper ready!


Mental Maths (25/02/21)


Lesson Objective: I can tell the time to 5 minutes.

Time to 5 minutes (25/02/21)



Lesson Objective: I can write about the journey of the banana.

Story of the Banana (25/02/21)


I'd like you to write about the journey of the banana from harvest to the supermarket. Write about each of the following sections and draw a picture to go with each stage of the journey. You can use the writing template if you wish.


  • Banana plant facts and where bananas grow
  • Harvest
  • Storage
  • Shipping
  • Arrival in the UK
  • Supermarkets

SPAG - Write some question sentences for the hamster! I think there are lots we could ask...


  • What was in the can before you turned it into a boat?
  • Where are you heading?




Lesson Objective: I can create a sketch map of my local area.


Today we are going to create a sketch map of the area around school or the area around your home. Here is an example of a sketch map:


Sketch Maps (25/02/21)