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Thursday 16th July

Virtual Sports Week Day 4...





Lesson Objective: I can solve maths problems.

Today we are going to use your arithmetic knowledge to solve some Sports Day problems. Read the problem carefully, decide if you need to add, subtract, multiply or divide. Remember you can draw or write anything you need to help you!

Choose the version which suits you best...


Lesson Objective: I can write about a sport or a sports person.


Watch the video on BBC teach about sports people. Then I'd like you to write about your favourite sports or find out about a famous sports person. You might want to choose one of the people that interest you from the video.


If you are writing about your favourite sport, you might want to include:

Why is it your favourite sport?

Have you played it before? Who with?

What are the rules of the sport/game?

What do you have to wear for this sport?

Who are the most famous people in this sport?