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Grammar: I can edit sentences to include correct punctuation

Choose your challenge and have a go - make sure you concentrate and use your best handwriting.

You can mark your own learning when you've done and post your score on the Google classroom chat feed if you'd like to share it. 

Writing: I can write a narrative.

1) At or just before 9.45am, please go to Youtube to find the Live Lesson for the day.


You've all been working so hard on your writing. Below I've attached 2 amazing examples - from Ethan and Yuval. Like some others of you, they've taken Mrs C's 3 sentences and deepened them, adding more detail while remaining on the section of the story instead of rushing on.


Ethan's fabulous writing

On the way round the rock, the boat was arced turbulently from a strong wave, throwing Erin off the boat. She managed to thrust herself forward and grab hold of the boat. Her dog pawed at the boat side trying to help Erin, who squirmed and struggled, trying to get back on the boat while it rocked through the rough sea. The boat arced again and her dog wasn't thrown off but Erin was - again. She pierced through the surface of the sea and the water spluttered. The cold sea burned her warm skin as she struggled to reach the surface. The splutters and splashes resounded across the water. Her adrenalin kicked in and her mind was racing with questions, ‘’Will I make it out?. Will anyone save me?’’ 

‘’HELP!’’ she vociferated as her screams were drowned out in the waves. Then she started to worry ‘’What if a shark eats me, what if I get suffocated?’’ Then, a waved swept her under the water...


Yuval's amazing writing

The worried little boat swerved drastically and haphazardly to the side. Erin lost her balance, managing to perch precariously on the rim of the boat. Archie, also thrown by momentum, crashed into her but managed to save himself. Flailing, she plunged into the intense, raging, frothing sea. Crash! Splash! Roar! The waves rose up to claim her. “This is terrifying! I might die!” the thoughts resounded around her brain. The brutal waves clashed aggressively against the nightmarish rock. It was unmoving. It was unmerciful. It was unpredictable. It was unstoppable.


1) Watch the maths video below.

2) Choose - Bronze, Silver or Gold as your challenge and work through as many questions as you can, remembering to leave enough time to mark your answers (you might want to mark each set before you move to the next). If Bronze looks too easy you can start straight on silver but then if you find it tricky you can always go to bronze to build your confidence first. 

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