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Maths Answers

Good morning everyone - I hope you have had a good nights sleep and are raring to go!


Maths today is further recap of some of last term's work and your English is development of you steps for how to wash a woolly mammoth.


Thank you to all of you who have sent in some photos of snow fun and work.  I'll get these up as soon as I can but I'm teaching in class every day at the moment.  This will change next week, when I'm in school from Wednesday to Friday.


Have a good day everyone.



I can continue number sequences


So, sticking with the recap theme, today we are going to practise number sequences. Like yesterday, complete at least 2 sections from the sheet.  Answers will be provided later.



I can write a set of instructions with humour

Begin by watching the two videos below.  The first is a read through of 'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth', the second is a prompt for our writing.

Reading of the book

Still image for this video

Let's add some humour to our instructions

Still image for this video
Now that you've watched those videos, I'd like you to write your instruction out properly, but add in your own humour.  Try to add funny comments or make funny things happen, like the tickly tummy or the mammoth up a tree!  When you're done, I'd love to read and share your instructions with the class so we can all enjoy the crazy ways you've come up with to wash a woolly mammoth.

Topic - Geography


Today, I would like you to do some map work.  First I'd like you to draw a map of Africa and locate Egypt and draw it on your map.  Also add any surrounding countries (the ones next to Egypt) and the seas.


Then I'd like you to draw a large map of Egypt and add some key features to it, including: Cairo, Luxor, Giza, Alexandria, The Valley of the Kings, The Nile, Lake Nasser and the Tropic of Capricorn.  Feel free to add more than this.


Challenge:  On the map of Egypt, you'll notice a key for how high the land is.  Can you add colour to your map, using different colours (or shades of colours) to show different heights of land? Can you add a key, like the map attached?