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Thursday 25th June

Good Morning!  How has your week been so far, are you enjoying the minibeasts?   For some fun today why not have a try a making a paper plate spider.  Or when you are out in the garden enjoying the sun can you see any different minibeasts.  There were certainly lots of snails in the garden last week in the rain so perhaps this week you have seen more caterpillars - why do you think that is?



Paper plate spider

Paper plate spider 1



If you haven't already then it is really worth signing up to the Rising Stars Reading scheme - this will especially help across the summer (The link is below in case you need it).  I have also sent most of you sign in details for Monster Teach phonics - this is a great resource to keep dipping into to help your child practice the letter sounds.


If you would like to enjoy another story today try Superworm below.


'Cool' Activity - There is a listening game below.  Not quite minibeast but it is in the deep dark wood!


'Hot' Activity - It seems like a long time ago but remember when Paul Cookson came in and we became poets for the day? Today I would like you to try making up a poem about mini beasts.  Don't worry if you can't write it a grown up can help you with that but you need to come up with the ideas and decorate the page with pictures.


Start by thinking of words that describe you mini beast:







Then try fitting those words around your minibeast and maybe where it lives or what it is eating.

Here is my poem to give you an idea:


Creepy, crawly, wiggly worm,

lives in the ground

where the beetles all squirm.


Creepy, crawly, wiggly worm,

eats all the leaves

till his tummy's full and firm





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'Cool' Activity - Yesterday you had a try at a repeating pattern, today I would like you to make your own repeating pattern using toys, fruits, or even things you can find in the garden.  There is an example below.


Picture 1

'Hot' Activity - Have some fun playing the double decker bus board game below.