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Thursday 2nd July

Question of the day...

Can you design a new tank for the fish?



Lesson Objective: I can describe direction and movements.


Today you are going to use your knowledge of directions and turns to help a pirate gather all his belongings!


Look at the tasks attached and choose the level that suits you.



Lesson Objective: I can facts about Live Aid.


Using the information from yesterday's lesson and the information from the BBC page, write some facts about Live Aid that you have found out. Remember we are working on non-fiction texts so these must be true facts.


Live Aid information to read (you might want to read it with an adult):






Bryan Adams - Kids Wanna Rock (Live Aid 1985)

Bryan Adams performing at Live Aid in front of 100,000 people in the John F. Kennedy Stadium, Philadelphia USA on the 13th July, 1985. The event was organise...