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Thursday 18th June

Good Morning! I hope you all had fun learning about Doctors and Nurses yesterday.  For our final day on this topic we are going to look at the police.  Fridays are going to be a little bit different from now and all about having lots of fun so keep your eyes peeled for what is on our page for tomorrow.


Start off by learning all about what the police do in the powerpoint below.


For some fun today how about setting up a road for toys cars using tape and then pretend you are the police office signalling the traffic. You could also have a go at making your police officer badge - there is an example below.



Phonics and Literacy


I would like everyone to have a go at making a wanted poster either using the template below or designing your own.  Can you think up a story to go with your poster perhaps it is Bob the Burglar or Tommy the Thief?  Listen to the story of 'Burglar Bill' below to give you some ideas.


'Hot' activity - In addition to the poster, use the word mat below to try and add some words to your poster.

Burglar Bill - Books Alive!

Burglar Bill by Janet and Allen Ahlberg read ou loud by Books Alive! Burglar Bill goes about his nightly business bugling houses when he stumbles across a bo...



Let's get active with our maths today.  Have a go at the active maths video below.




Active Maths

This video is a fun, active way to learn about mathematical language - equal to, more than, less than, fewer, least and most. Additional problem solving acti...

'Cool Activity'

Sharing frogs on the logs - the are ideas to adapt if you can't print

'Hot' Activity - Use physical objects to help with the word challenges.