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Thursday 9th July


Objective –  I can understand that some numbers will not share into equal groups.


Today we are going to think about numbers that cannot be shared into equal groups. Not all numbers can be shared out equally. Some numbers can only be shared into two groups and some numbers can be shared into lots of different groups. Today I want you to look at sharing numbers into 2 equal groups, 5 equal groups and 10 equal groups. It might help you if you draw two circles for your two groups, then on another page, 5 circles for your 5 equal groups and the same for your 10 equal groups to help you.


Task – Grouping Investigation. Your task if to find out which numbers can be shared into 2 equal groups, 5 equal groups and 10 equal groups. Remember the groups must be equal so if you can’t share a number out equally, it needs a cross. Have a look at the example below on how you could record your investigation.

Challenge – What have you found from your investigation?  Are there any patterns? Do all numbers share into 2 groups, 5 groups and 10 groups? See if you can write two sentences about your investigation.


Objective – I can write a postcard.


I’m sure you are having a fantastic time on your holiday and hopefully yesterday’s activity helped you to think of all the fun things you could be doing. Today I want you to think back to our postcard work from the other week and design a postcard from your holiday to a friend or family member.


Task – Design and write a postcard from your holiday to one of your friends and family. Remember, one side of the postcard is usually a photograph of your holiday so design one side to show where you are (you could even include yourself in it as you are the designer after all!). Then on the other side you need to write a message to the person your postcard is to. You can include what the weather is like, what you have been up to on your holiday, your favourite part, foods you have been eating, any questions you have and your opinion. Remember to write in full sentences so that the person reading it can understand what you are trying to say.


Challenge – To include adjectives (describing words e.g. fun, exciting, hot, beautiful, tasty) and at least one question (‘What have you been doing?’ ‘What is the weather like at home?’).


Today we are going to practice writing words that have an 'un' at the start. Once you have worked through the presentation, decide whether you want to try the 'plant a tree' activity or the 'un words activity'. You might even decide to try both!