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Thursday 21st May

Good morning, 

Wow, what a beautiful day yesterday was! If anything it was a little bit hot for us. We had the paddling pool out for most of the day to cool down but the sprinklers were a bit too cold! Did you do anything fun? 

I've already had some emails with your 'joy of moving' festival photographs which is fantastic but don't worry if you didn't manage to take part, there's still time. Due to how hot it was, I know the children and teachers at school decided it would be best to try later in the week. I'm sure there are other people who thought the same (I know I am going to try today or tomorrow if it's cooler) so you could always set up your own mini event today? I would love for as many of us as possible to take part. 

I hope you have a fun day and I will let you know how we get on tomorrow. 

Take care 

Miss Hickman 


Objective – I can say the months of the year in order.


Today we are going to learn the months of the year. There are 12 months in a year and they always follow the same order. Look at the ‘Months of the Year’ power point with someone in your family. Talk about each month, the weather, any special events and decide which is your favourite and why.

Task – To make a paper chain of the months in a year. You can use the template and cut, colour and stick them to make a long paper chain or make your own. Remember that the months must be in the right order. You could hang this up at home or in your bedroom to help you to remember the months.

Challenge – Try the different activities to help you learn the months of the year.


Objective – I can plan a non-chronological report.


Now that we are familiar with a non chronological report, it’s time for us to start planning our own. We are going to use our new text ‘Seren’s Seasons’ to help us. Our non chronological report is going to be about the four seasons because we have been learning about each season throughout the year. Today is the planning stage, so we need to get all of our ideas down ready to write up tomorrow. I have attached a plan if you want to use but you don’t have to. It is a good idea to group the information you want to put in your report, in the sections it will be in. So, because there are four seasons, I think it would be a good idea to write a section for each season – Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn. Remember, when we plan we use small pictures and key words to help us. Below is an example of the start of my plan. (I have used clipart and made my plan on my laptop but it's just an example and probably easier if you draw it out). 

Task – To plan a non chronological report using small pictures and key words. Points to include in each section –

  • the weather in that season
  • what you can do in that season
  • what to wear in that season
  • important dates or events
  • anything extra about that season

These are just pointers to help you to think of things that you could include in each section – you can add anything you think is important.


Today we are going to look at writing plurals that end in 's' and 'es'.