St John's CE (VC) Primary School

Life in all its fullness

Thursday 20th



Three, three times table exercises for you today.  Remember, you can also head over to TTRockstars and play some of the games on there.



Write a summary of Beauty and the Beast.  Either choose the Disney version or the version that you went to see at the New Vic Theatre.  You have to complete the task in 100 words or less.  Make sure you remember you basic punctuation.



Google, 'Beauty and the Beast Posters' to see the official posters for the Disney cartoon version and the more recent version, starring Emma Watson.  Think about what is the same about them and what is different.  


Now it's your turn to design & draw your own poster for Beauty & The Beast.  Sketch it out and then add the colour.  Make sure the title of the story is clear.