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Good Morning!  I hope everyone is still doing well and keeping safe.  I wanted to send a bit of a different message this morning.  The well-being of your children is the most important thing to us and I know that now they have been at home a few days they may be asking questions about why they aren't at Nursery, when can they see their friends and the staff?  No one is able to control this situation, but we can control how we deal with it.  Yes we are adding ideas of things to do at home, but if today you don't do any maths or any phonics, does it matter? If instead you build a lego model, play a game, build a den or even just sit outside on your front porch and listen to the birds together, you will have given your children what they need at the moment, love and stability.  You are their social network for now, their class of 24 children and you are doing brilliantly, so don't worry about the maths today instead just enjoy your time together, because I promise your children will come out the other side of this as stronger, more resilient and more caring for having gone through the experience with your support.


 Time to feed the puppies.....


Take care and look after one another.


Mrs Stone