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Thursday 26th March

                              Afternoon update


Well done to everyone who has been on the MyMaths today to have a go at rounding decimals.  If you find it hard, keep persevering, follow the tutorial again and have another go.  School was quiet again today but we did have a skip delivered as we are going to be having a path put in down to the outdoor gym equipment.  This gave me an idea for a game: The 4 Ball Skip Challenge.  Essentially you have 4 different balls which you need to kick into the skip  Watch the video to see how I got on.

4 Ball Skip Challenge

Still image for this video
Day 1
Quite proud of that last effort.  I'll try again tomorrow and post the results.  Perhaps you could make up a similar game using balls and buckets or even scrunched up bits of paper and a waste paper bin.  Be creative!
Oh, and before I forget - today's spelling mistake was goverment.  Correct spelling: government - don't forget that n!



Today, I want you to go onto MyMaths and follow the online homework.  Use the tutorial before trying the activity.  It follows on nicely from yesterday’s work on rounding.  Good luck – I’ll check how you’ve done later on.



Write about your week so far.  What have you done? What have been the highlights? What hasn’t been so great?  Remember to write in first person and in past tense.  Try to ensure you get the mood right – when you’re writing about exciting things, use exciting language.  And when you’re writing about boring bits, make it sound boring.   But most of all - get the punctuation right.

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