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Thursday 26th March

Hello Everybody!!


I hope you are enjoying this wonderful spring weather together and still looking for signs of spring in your garden. I looked for signs of spring on my keep fit walk along the canal yesterday in the beautiful sunshine. (We still have a lot to be grateful for smiley)

We are half way through the week now and I hope you are settling into a home learning routine. We miss seeing you all at school but know that you are safe and being looked after at home. 

Very well done if you are keeping up with the lesson ideas on our daily learning. I have seen some lovely writing from the daily phonics lessons on Tapestry and have appreciated your photos that show what you are getting up to. Please feel free to adapt the lessons or to do something entirely different - like build a den!!

In between the learning I hope you are enjoying just having family time together and learning a few life skills along the way.


Enjoy your day!

Daily Phonics lesson:

Well done if you are keeping up the daily phonics lesson yes


The children have really enjoyed the challenge of writing and spelling words.


1.   Sing Jack Hartman action letter song - Youtube (or any other!)

     Sing vowel song (ask your child to teach it to you!)

      Practise reading the phonemes/digraphs/trigraphs in your Home Learning Book.


2.   Practise writing and spelling Phase 3 tricky words - choose the ones you are not sure of.


3.   Read these two-syllable words -  bedroom  sixteen  pondweed   wigwam

      Now sound them out and write them down.


.   You say this sentence, sound out each word and your child writes it down -  A drip  from  the tap  drops in the sink.

Remember  - Start your sentence with a capital letter

                     Leave finger spaces

                     End your sentence with a full stop.

                     Read your sentence


Well done!   yes

Mathematics: Some more money activities for you to try. Please feel free to adapt them as and where necessary. The main thing is to have fun!!