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Thursday 14th May

Good afternoon,

I hope you've had a great day. I have been sorting the talent show entries ready for our judges this afternoon. Very exciting. It's getting warmer too which is great - back into the fresh with my laptop to update the class pages!


Maths answers are attached below. 

Good morning,


I hope you have a great day!

**Only 2 days to enter St Johns got Talent



Today's chapter of Journey to Jo'burg is very dramatic! You'll be retelling the chapter from the perspective of one of the characters. 

I have attached 2 different examples - notice the descriptive language in these. There's great use of similes and the verbs are well-chosen. There is a range of punctuation in both too and you might be able to notice the variety of verb forms. 


This is what you're aiming for and you could:

HARD: Write yours first - then uplevel based on the standard of the examples.

MEDIUM: Use the examples as a starting point and carry on from there.

EASIER: Choose one of the examples to copy, improving and adding to it as you go.

J2J C8.wma



Today you have a skill worksheet (easier), skill worksheet (hard) or a would you rather challenge (most tricky) to choose from. You might want to look at the Mymaths lesson or yesterday’s video link to remind yourself before you have a go.