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Thursday 14th May

Good Morning.  I am writing this on Wednesday evening after spending the day in school and I am going in again tomorrow.  We had great fun trying the body percussion in the hall all together and then we tried a game of repeating patterns.  How did you get on with your number lines, I think we might use the numbers we made at school today for a number hunt tomorrow round the playground, perhaps you can do one in your garden?


Have a lovely day and remember that any activity is great and having fun is the best way of learning.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development


I would like you to watch the video of Douglas below which deals with the love of God but also family and dealing with being at home.  The most important message if gives is: yes our friends will be there for us when this is all over but our family is there for us now.  Once you have watched it, discuss it and talk about how you feel, then I would like you to draw a picture of your family if possible inside a heart shape.



Loving Your Family | A Sunday School lesson for kids!

Sometimes it feels like the people who are closest to us can be the hardest to love. Join Douglas as he talks about loving your family. Click here to see the...



Today we are looking at rhyming - the first activity is a choice of three games to look at different rhyming words and then the second activity involves making something first.  I will try and make one in school tomorrow and post a picture on Tapestry so you can see what it should look like.





How did you get on with your number line?  We are going to continue with this idea today but look at matching amounts to the number and then if you want to in activity 2 you can look at the numbers to 20.  If you cannot print them out both of these activities can b drawn out and you can use pieces of pasta, lego bricks etc for activity one.