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Thursday 14th January

Hello everyone!


Did you listen to the secret reader story yesterday?

Click on the link below to find out more.

Have you got some ice cubes in your freezer? If not, get some ready now for the science experiment later on!

Challenge of the day!


Draw a picture of something that makes you happy.


Please note that we will be recapping Phase 2 and Phase 3 phonics for the first part of this term. I will try to do this in different ways using Twinkl and the good old internet!! If your child is confident with reading the sounds in these words then please help them to write them using correct letter formation! This will be the beginnings of them learning to spell!

There is also a writing task at the end of the phonics lesson. I am very conscious that we must keep going with our writing and forming our letters correctly. If your child does the writing task easily encourage them to write another sentence.

I would love to see your efforts on Tapestry.

This icon will help your child to remember what to do when they are writing a sentence.

  • The mouth reminds you to first say what you are going to write.
  • The cap reminds you to start your sentence with a capital letter.
  • The finger reminds you to leave finger spaces between each word.
  • The dot reminds you to end your sentence with a full stop.
  • The glasses remind you to read the sentence you have written.

Alphabet Song | ABC Song | Phonics Song

This is the original Alphabet ABC Song by Have Fun Teaching. Free Teaching Resources: Watch the new animated versi...

Have fun reading the comic below. If your child is struggling with the words read it along with them and ask them about initial sounds in words and talk about the pictures smiley.

You say this sentence and your child writes it down. Look out for tricky words and sound out each word.


I   can  look  at  the  map.


Challenge 1 - if your child can write this sentence easily add in some extra information e.g. I can look at the map to find the animals.

Challenge 2 - Can they write another sentence about a map?


I am beginning to count to 100

The Big Numbers Song

This is a lovely song which helps the children to count to 100. It is always great fun when we say the 'big' numbers!

I can recognise number order to 10


Counting practice
o Lay cards with numbers on in a line 1 to 10
o Ask your child to turn around or else blindfold them!
o Swap two numbers, e.g. the 4 and the 9.
o Ask the child to count along the line and to tell you when they reach a number which is in the wrong place.
o Then they continue counting until they reach another mis-placed number.
o Can they then say which two numbers have been swapped?
o Repeat this, three times. They can do it for you too.


Challenge - Can you use numbers to 15 or 20


One Snowy Night-Nick Butterworth


I can observe and comment on changes

Melting Ice Science Experiment:

This is a science experiment that I do with the children every year! They love watching how the salt melts little tunnels into the large block of ice! This is easy and fun! Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

Now have a go yourself!

Ask an adult for some icecubes from the freezer and get some salt.

If you have some food colouring that would be great or you could use some paint.

Have fun watching how the salt melts the ice.

I would love to see how it goes - please post on Tapestry.