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Thursday 11th June


Objective – I can compare times using ‘earlier’ and ‘later’.


We can compare periods of time using ‘earlier’ or ‘later’. If we have two times, for example, 10 o’clock in the morning and 11 o’clock in the morning, we could say that 10 o’clock is earlier than 11 o’clock because that time comes first. We could also use ‘earlier’ and ‘later’ to change times, for example, ‘1 hour earlier’ is the hour before the one that it is. If I wanted to meet my friend at 10 o’clock but she asked if we could meet ‘an hour earlier’ she wants to meet the hour before, so 9 o’clock.


Task – Have a go at these ‘hour earlier’ and ‘hour later’ time activities. You might need some help to get you started as this task is a bit tricky. 


Objective – I can plan an imagined world.


Today we are going to use our imagination again. I want you to pretend that you are on the beach and you find the bubbles. When you pick them up and blow one, the bubbles take you to a magical place. But where is that place? It could be a colourful place full of bubbles or a place where you can eat everything you see? Or maybe a unicorn land? The more creative, the better!


Task – Fold a piece of plain paper in half and on one half, be as creative as you can and draw, colour or paint your imagined land and when you have finished, on the other half of the paper, make a list of describing words you could use to describe your magical land. For example – magical, beautiful, exciting, bright, colourful. Don’t forget to include what is there e.g. ‘candy floss trees, chocolate river, etc.


Challenge – To include description of your senses – what can you hear, smell, taste, touch and see?


Today we are learning how to write words that have 'ing and 'er' at the end.